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The special education cooperative and school must have in place written policies and procedures regarding how the school protects the confidentiality of all educational records collected, used, and maintained by the school. SCASEC and the school must maintain the confidentiality of personally identifiable informaiton at collection, storage disclosure, and destruction stages. Upon request, SCASEC will provide a list of the types and locations of all educational records collected, maintained, or used by the school.

Releasing Students Records


Written and dated parental consent must be obtained on the Sharing of Information or Authorization to Release Medical Information forms before personally identifiable information is disclosed to anyone other than the parent or authorized employees, or before the information is used for any purpose other than meeting the requirement of federal and state regulations. Written consent from the parent is not required in order for the school to send records on request to a school in which a student intends to enroll. Parent consent is not required for SCASEC staff and authorized school employees to access a student's educational records. A current listing of names and positions of school employees authorized to access a student's educational records shall be maintained and posted clearly. Parent consent is also not required for SCASEC to release records in order to comply with a court order, or as requested for the Department of Corrections for educational purposes.

Accessing and Amending Students Records


A parent, custodial or noncustodial alike, may inspect and review any and all student educational records which are collected, maintained or used by SCASEC. This includes all school building records, special education records, including test protocols. Parents can only be denied access to their child's records if the school or special education office receives written notice that a court order has terminated or restricted the parent's access to the records. At age 18, these rights pass onto the students unless the student has had a guardian appointed by the court.

The right to review and inspect educational records includes the right to an explanation and interpretation of the record by school personnel and the right to receive copies of the records. The request to inspect or review records must be made to the school principal or director of special education. The parents request for a student's records must be submitted in writing. The school and SCASEC must comply with a request to review the student's educational record:

  • Without unnecessary delay;
  • Before any meeting regarding an IEP or due process hearing; and,
  • In no case more than 45 days after the request is made.

SCASEC and the school should keep a record of each access to, disclosure of, personally identifiable information from the educational record of each student. The record of access is kept with the educational record. The access and disclosure includes:

  1. The name of the person gaining access to the record or receiving personally identifiable information from the record.
  2. The date of access or disclosure
  3. The reason the person is gaining access to the record.

If a parent believes that information contained in the student's educational records is inaccurate or misleading or violates the privacy or other rights of the student, they may request in writing that the school amend the information. This request should be submitted to the director of special education within ten days of the request. The director will contact the parent regarding whether their request is approved or denied.

Destruction of Students Records


SCASEC maintains student records for at lest Five (5) years after the student exits special education services. The parent is notified, when personally identifiable information is no longer needed, and that recorded information is then destroyed unless the parent requests the records. A permanent record of the student's name, address, telephone number, grade, attendance record, classes attended, grade level completed, and the year completed may be maintained without time limitation.